This is a list of current and past Noir Software projects.  Projects that have their own pages are current projects with more information.


A windows 8.1 universal app.


ColorSee is a utility program that allows the user to see the RGB value of the color under the mouse cursor. This is useful for graphics designers who want to get the inside info on colors used in applications or web pages without having to take screenshots, or for people with limited color vision trying to choose or differentiate colors in games. The developer falls into the second category, and created ColorSee so that he could know exactly which colors he was choosing for his character in City of Heroes. Nothing is more embarassing than a flame-based hero with sickly green flames on his arms instead of a cool orangey-yellow…


Part of Noir Utilities. There are three text fields. One shows decimal, one shows hexdecimal, and one shows binary. Type in one field and the other two update with the corresponding value. signed 64 bit integers are currently supported.


Part of Noir Utilities. Drag PinAnything to your task bar, then drag any file to it to create a jump list full of your most used items. Windows does not support pinning help files, batch files and many other things directly to the task bar, so PinAnything is a quick workaround for that.