Noir Software is a (for now) one-person independent game development studio. I have also made a few utilities that I’ve found useful as I develop my games, so I’ve included them here as well. Noirsoft was first started back in 1998, and I tried to work full-time on it for 6 months in 2000, but a combination of my own lack of experience and the state of technology in those days meant little was accomplished.

But then along came C# and managed DirectX. I’ve become a huge fan of both, and now all Noirsoft projects will use the .NET platform. Even though my time is more limited now since I am a full-time game developer by day, my productivity has increased thanks to how easy it is to use C# to make Windows programs, and how nice Managed DirectX is as an API.

Managed DirectX has been supplanted by XNA, which has a better API for games and allows Xbox360 compilation, but is not as nice for tools and windowed apps that use other GUI components.  I aim to merge my projects that use Managed DX over to XNA.

One of these days, I will have a complete game up here, but for now, poke around, take a look at what is here, and keep checking back for more news.